Extras and decorations

If you want to give your child’s party an even more special twist, why not add on one of our party extras?

FashionBalloon modeller

£60.00 per hour


£75.00 per hour or £130.00 for two hours

Disco lights

£10.00 for three floor lights

pinatazSmoke machine



£20.00 (off the shelf and filled by us)

Party drink dispenser

£10.00 for two empty dispensers

more-arts-and-craftsq sweetie-jar-hireArts and crafts

£1.00 per child including crown-making, key ring-making, superhero masks, jewellery-making, pirate hats and patches. If you require something specific please talk directly to us and we can price this for you.

Vintage pick ‘n’ mix containers

£18.00 for hire of six empty medium sized jars and two large jars, scoops, claws and paper bags.

If you’re looking for decorations and finishing touches to complement your child’s special party, we’ve found the company to help…

Frou Frou Days

We love the way that Frou Frou Days handpicks and curates decorations to fit your chosen theme and of course they can provide decor especially for Tillie and Matt Parties.

They offer everything from a simple ‘party in a box’ – open it, unpack it and use it to decorate your room in 30 minutes (this can even be delivered by your Tillie and Matt entertainer) to a fully bespoke party decorating service.

Visit Frou Frou Days for more information: facebook.com/froufroudays