Baby showers

Little bootiesShower party preparationsHow large is that?A uniquely styled baby shower with your individual tastes in mind. Please contact us to tell us your budget and ideas and we’ll tailor something just for you. We can either prepare you a party pack, including games, props and resources so that you can run your own party, or we can provide an entertainer to come and organise the whole party for you. (see baby shower video)

Sasha’s review

“I am very happy I chose Tillie and Matt for my baby shower – I’d recommend them to everyone!

They were really good in communication. I felt that they actually listened to me and heard what I wanted, and what I didn’t want, for my baby shower.

The most incredible surprise was that Sophia made ducks the theme of the party. This is something special for my husband and me because we had duck tattoos at the beginning of our relationship and now it’s a very romantic memory for us. Sophia knew that and it was so cool that she used it as a main theme of the party! 

Ducky cup cakes Nappy of the year contest1 Bib making competition!







It’s the first baby shower for our family so we didn’t have any experience and I had to fully trust the person who was organising it. I didn’t have any regrets for a second.”

Cute prosecco chick Ducky chicks cake of cakes